The Amazonasoul brand is based on women, on the innate fighting strength that they possess.

The brand identity for Amazonasoul answers the creative brief of presenting the mark as strong, elegant, and dynamic. All this in a warm, sunny, and carefree environment, without neglecting details and good taste.

A thorough branding identity process was carried out to dive deeper into the brand values that the brand wanted to be known for.
Starting with brand keywords to develop the logo, we decide to combine the shapes of the letters "A" and "S", a spearhead, and a dot inside representing the women's soul in one unique shape.
We agreed on a simple mark as most fashion brands do to keep the focus on the products.


Brand research and strategy
Brand identity system

  • Released: March 2021
  • Client: Belén Cubero
  • Location: Canary Islands
  • Photo: José V. Glez /
    K. Celep / B. Halcrow