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I’m Titus.

Titus Ruiz Brand Identity Designer

I am a passionate designer specializing in Brand Identity Strategy and Design.

Welcome to my creative universe! I’m Hector “Titus” Ruiz, a passionate Peruvian designer currently based in the enchanting Canary Islands. Specializing in Brand Identity Strategy and Design, I collaborate with startups and medium-sized businesses worldwide, turning their visions into unique brand experiences. Through a research-driven design process, I craft distinctive identities that speak volumes and set my clients apart in the competitive landscape.

Beyond the borders of location, my expertise extends to advising and collaborating with advertising agencies and graphic studios globally. With a keen eye for design and a love for art and music, particularly the soulful notes of jazz, I infuse creativity into every project.

When not immersed in the world of design, you’ll find me riding waves on my 9´2″ longboard single fin, soaking in the positive energy that fuels my creative spirit.


Creative Process


Discovery Session

In this fundamental phase, we explore your business universe in depth. Through meticulous research and branding workshops, we dive into your story to define a strategic perspective.
The goal is to articulate the elements that define your brand, setting the stage for a compelling and distinctive identity.


Brand Creation

Once a clear direction is defined, we will bring your brand to life. Based on the insights from Phase 1, we create a comprehensive branding system. These include the design of a logo, carefully selected typography, a harmonious color palette, evocative imagery, and unique brand motifs. This phase culminates in detailed brand guidelines that serve as a roadmap for consistent and impactful brand expression.


Brand Launch

In this phase, we take your brand from concept to reality, applying it to tangible assets that resonate in the real world. The deliverables in this phase vary widely from project to project. They often include art direction, business card designs, stationery, social media kit, etc.
This process ensures that your brand reflects your values and stands out.

what i like

Personal Interests

Surf & Travel

I’ve been surfing since age 10, leading me to explore various countries, immerse myself in diverse cultures, and embrace extended periods of travel.

Pop Art & Sci-Fi

A few years ago, I met the fascinating world of Art Toys. Now, I design my characters and collect some others.
Also vintage tin robots and spaceships.

Music & DJing

I enjoy listening, playing, and DJing music. I listen to a wide range of genres. My favorites are Jazz, Indi, Deep House, Funky, and 70’s bands.
Enjoy my collection.


Most of my gaming time goes to ZELDA. I also play Rocket League, Mario Kart, and a few others.

Interest Photos

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