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Batista Baskets

Ruben Batista is a Mexican artisan who is a craftsman dedicated to the elaboration of handmade straw baskets.

When I met him, I realized that he had a product of excellent quality and beauty. Pieces are created, taking care of the details and printing that personal touch of an artisan passionate about what he does.

It was necessary to properly communicate both his story and the values of his creations, as his products were considered cheap and low quality, without recognizing the true beauty of the story behind each one of them.

After an inspiring conversation, we decided to give them a visual identity, focusing on conveying their story and the values behind each product.

Now, Rubén and his baskets have managed to be perceived differently and recognized in the world of sustainable fashion.

Released: April 2021

Client: Rubén Batista

Location: Mexico

Photo Credit: Melody Jacob / Julie Aagaard / Miroshnichenko Tima / Pavel Danilyuk