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Solaris Hotel

Solaris is a five-star hotel located in a very prestigious area in the center of Kuala Lumpur. The hotel offers business and leisure travelers a refined experience with cozy rooms.

Since its beginning, Solaris Hotel has provided good service to its guests. They grew rapidly and began to offer higher-quality services. Maintaining the same image and not having a brand strategy would only prevent the company from positioning itself and being perceived as a five-star hotel. The hotel needed a rebranding to help them reach the next level of growth.

The solution began with extensive brand research and, based on that, we designed a brand strategy that positioned Solaris Hotel as the benchmark hotel for business travelers, providing them with all the technical, technological, rest, and comfort facilities. Using the brand strategy, we developed a distinctive and flexible brand identity system.


Brand research and strategy
Brand identity system

Released: June 2020

Client: Mike Jotovan

Location: Malaysia

Photo: J. Wennington / R. Kallianpur/
C. Lambert / S. Hurley