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I am Hector "Titus" Ruiz, a Peruvian designer based in the Canary Islands. I specialize in Brand Identity Strategy and Design.
I help startups and medium-sized businesses to build brands and communicate their values through a research-based design process. The result is a unique identity with a distinct voice and look that stands out from the rest to deliver a consistent experience to their customers.

I also advise and collaborate in projects for advertising agencies and graphic studios worldwide.

Besides being in love with everything design, I am fascinated by art and music, especially for good jazz. Since childhood, I practice surfing and now I ride a 9´2" longboard single fin that brightens my day.

If you are interested in discussing any project or you have any questions about design, send me an email.

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Fields of work

Brand Identity Design
UI/UX Design

My Process

Step 1: First Contact

Our First Contact will be by email or Instagram DM. We will schedule a call to meet and talk about your business and identify your needs. In addition, we will discuss timing, budget, scope of the project, and more. When we finalize your needs, the next step is the Discovery Session..

Step 2. Discovery Session

During our Discovery Session, we will participate in engaging exercises to define and further understand your business, identify problems, and define objectives. This information is important in order to develop a brand strategy and identity.

Step 3. Strategy

Based on market research and information obtained in our Discovery Session, we will collaborate to develop your strategy. This step includes ensuring that images, messages, and user experience are aligned. Plus, indicate how the customers will perceive and feel the brand.

Step 4. Message

We define your company’s tone during this step. The tone is how your brand will communicate with customers during different contact points while expressing what your brand represents. It will be the Declarations of Principles that captures your customer’s attention from the first moment.

Step 5. Visual Identity

During this step, we design or redesign your logo. We will create the graphic system, fonts, color palettes, photographic style, illustration style, and more. This step ensures that your brand is consistent and easily recognizable by your customers.

Step 6. Revisions

We will review the visual identity to ensure it aligns with the strategy, objectives, and aesthetics your company wants to communicate effectively.

Step 7. Deliverables

Once we have established the identity of the brand in steps 5 & 6, we will then create the stationery, social networks elements, email signature, and more - all of which will be consistent in all of your brand’s contact points.

Step 8. Support

My work doesn't end when the project ends. I will always be open to answer any questions or discuss any new idea for your brand..

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